No Labels Group Drops Out of US Presidential Third-Party Bid, Decides not to Run in US Election 2024


The No Labels group announced that they will not be fielding a third-party candidate to challenge Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election. Despite billing themselves as a bipartisan organization, they were unable to attract a high-profile centrist candidate for their cause. This decision solidifies the general election matchup between Biden and Trump, both of whom have seen a decline in popularity recently.

The group had considered a potential “unity ticket” with candidates from both major parties, but ultimately decided to stand down due to the lack of viable candidates. This news comes after the recent passing of founding chairman Joe Lieberman, and leaves anti-vaccine activist Robert F Kennedy Jr as the only prominent outsider still seeking the presidency.

While some individuals may be disappointed by No Labels’ decision, others see it as a necessary step to prevent further division and potential harm to Biden’s campaign. Despite the disappointment, some voters like Dan DuPraw are still open to considering other options outside of the two main parties. Kennedy has qualified for the ballot in five states and remains a contender in the race.


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