No Damage Incurred in Attacks, All Drones Shot Down; Iran


An attack near an Iranian city of Isfahan, close to an army air base in Israel, Photo: File

Tehran: Iran has denied missile attacks, claiming that all drones were shot down and no loss of life or property occurred.

Three Iranian officials confirmed to The New York Times in an interview that these attacks were carried out near the army air base, close to the city of Isfahan, known as the center of Iran’s nuclear installations. The area witnessed the sounds of three explosions.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Israel had informed the United States of the attack on Iran, but it was verified that the US did not participate in the attack.

Despite confirmation from American officials, there has been no comment from Israel on the attack on Iran.

An Iranian official told Reuters that the explosions heard in Isfahan were a result of the successful operation of the Iranian air defense system targeting the drones.

The government Iranian news agency ‘IRNA’ has reported that the intensity of the explosions was high in some places, but no major damage occurred.

It should be noted that Isfahan city in Iran houses several nuclear sites. Israel and the United States have long been threatening to target Iran’s nuclear projects.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has stated that no nuclear site in Iran suffered any damage from the Israeli attack. All nuclear installations are safe.

According to Iranian media reports, a small drone attack was carried out on the country today, resulting in the closure of airspace and halt of aerial operations.


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