Nick Jonas Reacts Calmly After Object Thrown at Him During Concert


New York, Hollywood actor Nick Jonas found himself in a situation familiar to many celebrities when an object was thrown at him during a live concert performance.

The Jonas brothers, comprised of Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Jonas, recently performed in front of an enthusiastic crowd in Toronto, Canada. However, a regrettable incident occurred and was recorded on video.

A fan captured the moment when a wristband hit Nick Jonas on the right side of his chest, causing him to flinch. The video, posted by a fan, quickly went viral.

The singer handled the situation with maturity, pointing a finger at the fan to indicate that such behavior should not be repeated. He quickly regained his composure and continued with his performance.

A few days earlier, at Yankee Stadium in New York, another fan had thrown a black bra on stage, landing nearby. Nick Jonas briefly paused, looked at the floor, and then carried on singing.

Many fans reacted to the incident, leaving comments on the Instagram clip shared by a fan page.

One person wrote, “This is disgusting and could have hurt him.” Another added, “Please stop, people don’t seem to understand. Nick has repeatedly asked fans not to do this.” Another comment simply said, “Why are people so stupid?”

This is not the first time concertgoers have thrown objects towards the stage. Celebrities like Drake and Taylor Swift have also experienced similar incidents during their live performances.

Last week, Cardi B reacted angrily after a fan threw a drink at her during a live performance in Las Vegas. She responded by throwing a microphone back at the fan.


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