Nepal Halts Search and Rescue Operations to Prioritize Earthquake Relief Efforts | Earthquakes News


A devastating earthquake in the remote Jajarkot area of Nepal has claimed the lives of at least 157 people. Search and rescue operations have been called off after 36 hours, and efforts have shifted towards providing relief, food, and shelter for survivors. The majority of the casualties occurred in the Jajarkot and Rukum districts, with over 100 beds made available at a regional hospital in Nepalgunj to treat the injured. Many survivors are left homeless, as their mud houses were destroyed in the earthquake. Despite the urgency, no relief materials have reached the affected areas yet. Provincial officials have completed rescue operations but remain on alert. The focus now is on delivering relief materials to all affected areas. The earthquake was felt in Kathmandu, 400km away, and even in New Delhi, 600km away. This earthquake serves as a reminder of Nepal’s vulnerability to seismic activity due to its location on a major fault line. In 2015, two earthquakes in Nepal resulted in the death of around 9,000 people and significant destruction.


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