Natasha Ali Reveals Feud with Faizan Sheikh in ‘Tamasha 2’ Interview


Actor Natasha Ali Discusses Conflict with Co-Contestant on ‘Tamasha 2’

In a recent interview on ARY Zindagi’s talk show, ‘The Night Show with Ayaz Samoo’, Natasha Ali addressed the animosity she experienced with fellow ‘Tamasha 2’ contestants, including Faizan Sheikh and Aruba Mirza.

Ali expressed her dissatisfaction with Sheikh’s approach to the game, stating that he focused solely on eliminating other contestants rather than playing the game. She mentioned that she believed contestants Junaid Jamshed Niazi and Omer Shahzad understood the game well and played their best.

‘Tamasha 2’, hosted by Adnan Siddiqui, aired earlier this year and concluded with Aruba Mirza as the winner. Ali was evicted in the final week, securing the 6th position, while Sheikh was named the 4th runner-up in the finale.

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