Mustafa Kamal seeks forgiveness for insulting the court’s notes, Faizal Vawda provides a response.


Karachi: Deputy Convener and Member of National Assembly Mustafa Kamal of MQM Pakistan has requested unconditional apology from the Supreme Court over anti-judiciary remarks. Mustafa Kamal, through Barrister Farogh Naseem, submitted a statement in the Karachi registry of the Supreme Court, in which he said that he respects the judges, especially the judges of the higher judiciary, from the heart. He also mentioned that he cannot entertain the idea of tarnishing the reputation and authority of the judiciary and judges.
In the statement, it was stated that in relation to the judiciary, he requests unconditional apology for every statement, especially on the press conference of May 16th. He requests forgiveness from the esteemed court and leaves himself at the mercy of the court’s forgiveness.
On the other hand, Senator Faisal Vawda also submitted his response to the contempt of court notice in the Supreme Court in the contempt of court case, in which it was stated that the purpose of the press conference was not to disrespect the judiciary. The purpose of the press conference was for the betterment of the country. The court should show tolerance towards further action on contempt of court.
Faisal Vawda said that he provided fair criticism at the press conference. He believes that the establishment and judiciary are important pillars of the state. He assures the court that his actions were not meant to disrespect the Supreme Court. He hopes and requests the court to withdraw the contempt notices. Faisal Vawda also presented transcripts of the speeches of Rauf Hassan and Shahbaz Sharif in court.
It should be noted that the Supreme Court had issued contempt of court notices to Senator Faisal Vawda and Mustafa Kamal for making anti-judiciary statements and requested personal apologies from both of them in this regard.


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