Mushfiqur Rahim from Bangladesh accused of spot-fixing


Mushfiqur Rahim, a veteran Bangladesh cricketer, has taken legal action against a television channel for accusing him of spot-fixing during the Test series against New Zealand. The accusation came after he was dismissed for obstructing the field in the first Test. The channel claimed that the dismissal could be linked to spot-fixing, which led Rahim to issue a defamation notice to the channel’s Head of News, Sports Editor, and reporter Saiful Rupak. The notice demanded the removal of the offending report from all social media sites, an apology, and assurance that the reporter would be more careful in the future. The channel later removed the report and apologized to Rahim. Additionally, cricket laws state that a batter will be given out if they willfully touch the ball with the hand not holding the bat, and the bowler does not receive credit for the wicket.


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