MQM, PML-N, and PPP members criticise the dual nationality of JC’s.


Islamabad: MQM Pakistan, the Stability of Pakistan Party, and members of the National Assembly from the PML-N, have said that if a selected Prime Minister is sent home, how can a judge hold dual nationality.

Speaking at a press conference at the Islamabad National Press Club, Mustafa Kamal said that the enemies of Pakistan want to turn Pakistan into Libya, Iraq, and Syria. There is corruption in the country, there is injustice. Holding one nationality, the court sends a selected Prime Minister back home. Many MNAs and MPs have been relieved due to fake degrees.

They said that politicians cannot hold dual nationality, so how can a judge. It has been revealed that a judge is living in a housing society without any NOC. An investigation should be conducted into this matter.

Awn Chaudhry, a member of the Stability of Pakistan Party and a member of the National Assembly, said that a crisis is being created, which is affecting the interference in the judiciary and issuing threats to lower courts. Speaking at a press conference at the Islamabad National Press Club, a member of the National Assembly said that it will be questioned if those who remove the insignias of institutions. If inquiries start, if the country’s conditions start getting better, a conspiracy begins.

They said that a crisis is being created, which is affecting the interference in the judiciary. Will those who remove the insignias of institutions be questioned? The judiciary is questioning who are the people who want to fight the judiciary and institutions. Today, as inquiries are being conducted on social media against institutions, action should also be taken against those who defame institutions.

Awn Chaudhry said that a campaign is run to weaken institutions on social media. Politicians are getting themselves held accountable as part of the White House project regarding the state of Pakistan’s judiciary. Politicians were rendered incapable due to dual nationality and Nawaz Sharif was sent home. The law of dual nationality should be the same for everyone and inquiries should be conducted on interference. By forming a commission, evidence should be presented so that those creating crises in the country can be identified.

They said that the protection of lower courts should be eliminated. For the stability of Pakistan, we have to stand up, we have to think for the country’s integrity. Sitting in the drawing room, they say who are the institutions. Those who interfere are our enemies on both sides, our youth are sacrificing on the border, our assets are revealed. If justice and fairness are established in this country, it will progress. Action should be taken against those who run campaigns against martyrs. Courts might be open at night against institutions; the voice of institutions should be heard. The country’s view is on the judiciary.

Awn Chaudhry further said that a bureaucrat is humiliated by calling him and honor is for all of us. Retired Major and former federal minister of the PML-N, Tahir Iqbal, said that Pakistan needs a grand dialogue to get out of the crises, and all responsible should be part of it. The real culprits of May 9 should be punished and the innocent should be released, but justice is not being seen.

He said that many judges write decisions by listening to others, inquiries have been made into the fall of Dhaka, the APS incident, the Abbottabad incident, and Kargil, so they should be brought forward. Speaking at a press conference at the Rawalpindi Press Club, PML-N leader Major Retired Tahir Iqbal said that the people who have sacrificed their lives should now be blamed. Being a military man, I am greatly saddened by this. We all saw the event of May 9, the footage was broadcast on the media, an attack was made on GHQ and other installations. These incidents shook the foundations of Pakistan.

He said that India says we do not need to fight Pakistan, our own people have come there. Our sensitive institutions work so much. The army is called everywhere in floods and earthquakes, then abuses are also hurled. Propaganda is made against our own forces; the May 9 attacks are underway. One goes through the military courts when there is an attack during their tenure. A lawyer is given to defend them. When their testimony is given, the decision against them is not coming, why is not the judge willing to take a judiciary decision that would bring the right punishment. He should be given.

He also said that everyone should not be given, those who are central people can be given. The selection of judges is a problem, earlier only qualified people were made judges. After the eighteenth amendment, the matter went to the judges, they have formed groups, decisions are made according to their wishes, which is completely unfair. Many lawyers removed many people and took them to the Supreme Court, this will cause mayhem in Pakistan.

He said that where is Pakistan standing today in the judiciary of the world, the reason is that the selection of judges is not right. Judges have never written letters before. If a letter is not written, then it is leaked before it is written. Has this pressure suddenly come, no, it is a pressure for many years that whoever writes a letter should ask how it came? When the pressure started to come, at that time you did not speak, there is a case against you regarding dual nationality. You informed Athar Minallah in writing, there should be a written proof of it, now you are under pressure run the judiciary as a judiciary. If you want to talk against secret institutions, call them and talk to them.


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