More than 70 Rohingya refugees missing after boat overturns in Indonesia


After a boat capsized on the coast of Aceh province in Indonesia, more than 70 Rohingyas went missing while 75 were rescued.
The UNHCR, in a joint statement with the International Organization for Migration, said that if the deaths are confirmed, it will be the largest loss of life so far this year.
Rohingyas, mostly Muslims, are forced to leave Myanmar, where they are considered foreigners with connections to South Asia, and are denied citizenship.
According to UNHCR figures, more than 2,300 Rohingyas arrived in Indonesia last year, surpassing the total number of arrivals over the past 4 years.
In January, UNHCR said that during attempts to flee Myanmar or Bangladesh, at least 569 Rohingyas were killed or missing, making the number of 2023 the highest since 2014.


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