Modi’s Visit to Kashmir: Assessing the Region’s Transformation since 2019 | Updates on India Election 2024


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Kashmir for the first time since his government’s decision to remove Article 370 in 2019. He claimed that this move had brought development and peace to the region. However, his visit was met with a heavy security presence and checkpoints.

The removal of Article 370 stripped Kashmir of its special status, leading to the region’s bifurcation into Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh, both governed directly by New Delhi. Elections have not been held since 2019, limiting democratic rights in the region.

Under Modi’s government, there has been a crackdown on free speech, with activists and journalists arrested. Human rights violations have been condemned by international organizations. The removal of Article 35A has allowed outsiders to buy property in Kashmir, sparking fears of demographic changes.

Attempts at delimitation have raised concerns of marginalization of Muslims in Kashmir. Despite claims of improved security, armed attacks continue in the region, impacting civilians, security forces, and rebels. Despite these challenges, Modi’s government maintains that its policies have benefited Kashmir.


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