Modi faces accusations of promoting anti-Muslim hate speech amidst India’s 2024 election | Latest updates on India Election


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is under fire for making inflammatory remarks during a rally in Rajasthan, equating Muslims to “infiltrators” and peddling anti-Muslim stereotypes during the country’s general elections. The comments have sparked accusations of spreading hatred against Muslims and violating India’s election code which prohibits the perpetuation of religious or caste differences.

Modi’s speech has ignited concerns over potential hate-fueled violence against Muslims, a problem that has already escalated under the current government. Critics argue that Modi’s comments could further alienate and marginalize the Muslim community, promoting a negative stereotype that could result in acts of violence.

While some supporters claim that Modi’s remarks were taken out of context and were referring to illegal foreign nationals, not Indian Muslims, opposition parties and activists condemn the speech as a deliberate attempt to stir up hate and divert attention from pressing issues like inequality and marginalization faced by disadvantaged communities.

Experts warn that Modi’s comments mark a significant shift in his election strategy and could have far-reaching consequences for communal harmony in India. The divisive rhetoric used by the Prime Minister has sparked fear and insecurity among Muslims, with some expressing concerns for their safety in light of rising anti-Muslim hate crimes in the country.

As India heads into the next phase of its elections, the fallout from Modi’s controversial speech continues to reverberate, raising questions about the future of secularism and tolerance in the world’s largest democracy.


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