Madhia Rizvi’s performance in Stadium receives accolades from the audience


The incident came to light on February 18 at the Multan International Cricket Stadium: Photo: Web Desk

Multan: Pakistani drama industry actress Madiha Rizvi, the wife of national cricketer Shoaib Malik, was harassed by the crowds in the stadium during a match of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) against Multan Sultans at the Multan International Cricket Stadium on Sunday, February 18.

Madiha Rizvi was present at the stadium to support her husband Shoaib Malik during the match against Multan Sultans. During the match, the spectators in the stadium spotted her and chanted the name ‘Sanam Marvi’, which made her visibly agitated but she seemed to have kept herself under control.

A viral video on social media showed Madiha Rizvi seemingly angry at the spectators chanting the name of Sanam Marvi.

On this viral video, where social media users criticized the chanters, actress Madiha Rizvi also came forward in defense of Sanam Javed.
Madiha Rizvi said in her Instagram story that it was very sad to see this, everyone has their own personal life, making fun of a woman in public reflects your upbringing.

She said that by doing this you are publicly disrespecting and exposing your parents’ honor and upbringing. If a woman does not feel safe around you, then you are nothing but an animal.

Expressing anger, she further said that whoever chanted these slogans should be ashamed.

It should be noted that the incident took place during the match between Karachi Kings and Multan Sultans at the Multan International Cricket Stadium on February 18. All-rounder Shoaib Malik is playing for Karachi Kings in PSL 9. His team had to face defeat in this match, but Shoaib Malik had shown excellent performance by scoring a half-century.


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