Lahore Police Officer rescues woman in Arabic print shirt from mob, cites ‘confusion’ as cause of situation.


ASP Shehr Bano Naqvi, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) at Gulberg Circle, spoke out on Monday about a recent incident in Lahore where a young woman wearing a dress with Arabic calligraphy printed on it was saved from a mob attack. According to Naqvi, the incident was caused by confusion and miscommunication.

The situation unfolded at Ichra Bazaar in Lahore, where a mob gathered outside a shop after someone claimed that the woman’s shirt had Quranic verses printed on it. Eyewitnesses noted that most people in the mob were bystanders, customers, or visitors, while garment traders familiar with the calligraphy print clarified that it was available in the market. Despite explanations from the traders, some extremists continued to push for a blasphemy charge.

Videos shared on social media showed the terrified woman hiding in a shop as the mob grew increasingly aggressive. Police officials, including ASP Shehr Bano, intervened and safely removed the woman from the scene, taking her into protective custody.

ASP Shehr Bano explained that the situation escalated due to a lack of verification and miscommunication. She emphasized the need to protect the woman’s safety and ensure that justice was served. The calligraphy on the woman’s clothes did not contain Quranic verses but rather symbols of sincerity, love, and humanity. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of thorough investigation before taking action.


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