KSE-100 index drops by 1,200 points amidst political uncertainty – Business


The Pakistan Stock Exchange’s benchmark KSE-100 index dropped by 1,200 points on Friday due to political uncertainty surrounding the general elections. The index initially fell by 2,278 points but later recovered slightly to close at 62,943.74 points, down 1,200 or 1.87% from the previous close of 64,143.87. This uncertainty has led to a lack of clarity for investors, as they anticipate potential political instability with the formation of a government comprising of independent candidates. This has caused a reluctance to buy and an inclination to sell, contributing to the overall market decline. Experts have expressed concerns about the lack of a clear majority for any political party, which could affect future reforms and negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Political stability is seen as a crucial factor for driving the market index towards positive growth.


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