Kriti Sanon Celebrates National Film Award Win for ‘Mimi’ with Family


Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon recently celebrated her remarkable victory at the 69th National Film Awards for her outstanding performance in the movie ‘Mimi’. The talented starlet expressed her joy and shared the special moment with her family and loved ones.

On Thursday, Kriti Sanon secured her first-ever National Film Award as Best Actress for her role in ‘Mimi’. She shares the prestigious award with fellow actress Alia Bhatt, who was awarded for her exceptional performance in ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’.

In an interview with an Indian media outlet, Kriti Sanon revealed her initial reaction upon receiving the prestigious award and how she celebrated this momentous achievement with her family. She recalled, “I was in the midst of a meeting when my phone started ringing continuously. It was a moment of confusion for me since I rarely interrupt meetings to answer calls.”

She continued, “However, this time, I felt compelled to step out and take the call. That’s when I received the incredible news. I found myself frozen for a few precious seconds. Without hesitation, I told my manager to pause the meeting. I immediately rushed to my parents to share this remarkable news. There were hugs, tears, and a flood of emotions.”

With a touch of humor, Kriti Sanon shared, “In my household, impromptu celebrations are synonymous with ordering pizza. Whether it’s New Year’s Eve or a random occasion, we enjoy indulging in pizza. So, upon learning of my win, my mother suggested, ‘Let’s order some pizzas’.”

She added, “I celebrated this moment wearing my pajamas, savoring pizza, with my parents by my side.”

Kriti Sanon expressed her gratitude towards her fans and the Almighty for the immense support she received. She said, “I am immensely grateful to both my fans and the Almighty. My prayers have been answered.”

‘Mimi’, based on a true story, revolves around the life of the titular character who becomes a surrogate for an American couple in exchange for Rs 2 million. The film, directed by Laxman Utekar, also stars Pankaj Tripathi and Sai Tamhankar in prominent roles.

This win marks a significant milestone in Kriti Sanon’s career, and her remarkable celebration with her family adds a personal touch to the joyous occasion.-


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