Koocha-e-Sukhan – Express Urdu


I have seen poets standing on the banks of my heart
I have seen big ones like you
I know the reality of roses
I have read about it in books
Surely, the girls are tired now
Many pots have been broken, I have seen
I have seen all, big and small, regarding you
I have seen your enemies standing in the next rows of your loved ones
Someone is crying over the passing days
Tears have fallen somewhere, I have seen
The pines are drying up
I have seen some leaves falling
(Latif Sajid, Hafizabad)

Indeed, unique people consider them different from others
Those who consider their solitude as God
The separation is not too burdensome to give
We consider this grief as nothing but sorrow
Just as the branches of roses dry up
The pots are still wet
This is our destiny, new in the affairs of time
And I am a speck in this story
(Waqas Allah Waqas, Khushab)

The book of fate has been written, Fate writes ‘fanatic’ too
In fate has written for me, faithful beloved too
I have heard a lot, now it’s time to listen to you
Now it’s my turn to lament the insignificant
The one who used to be a devotee now is like a beggar
The eyes of all have set my name in the shadows
Even in the gaze of people, I am just a repeated letter
Who you had given access to, O God
Now he is seen as a reflection of divinity on me
The sound of sighs and tears comes from all directions
(Munawar Musavi, Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan)

How amazing the gathering has become
The evening is empty of the beloved’s thoughts
Whose saying have you come for today?
How did you lay your gaze on me today?
When you feel at ease, remember that now
You even removed the heart from my body
When you feel comfortable, you seem proud
(sheeraz Shahghazi, Noshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

Touching your hair, it feels like this
Exactly then did my breathing feel separate
Even if you endeavor a lot and the disease still progresses
If death is inevitable, then useless medicine it seems
Go on this path, but keep this thought in your heart
Where does anyone listen to God’s voice?
Now congratulate Love, for you
Love is greater than you, it seems to be your ego
So changed is the current time
That even my image seems distant now
Keep each other in prayers
Because what news, who is where, whose prayer seems effective?
(Aqil Nawaz, Skardu)

The desolate places are dancing in the wilderness
Everywhere there is astonishment in the dance
The current era is visible in the wave
And in annihilation there is the equipment in the dance
Shaken in the sea of words is the turmoil
The motion of thoughts is a delight in the dance
Insipid is the lament of yearning
Ease is in the lamentation in the dance
Exquisite beauty is a foolish man
Four hundred evils are the satanic deeds
The impoverished bear the wretched body
The delights of life are mundane in the dance
In love, Bahoo, Qalandar, and intoxicated
Here the story is honored in the dance
(Rida Khan, Abu Dhabi)

When your name trembles on my lips
Then I die in remembrance
I have died in your name
If your fate includes me, then
Accept my December evening in your destiny
Tell me where there is mud-slinging
And you will get the answer
Galli gave one
Accepting a stain on the heart, salutations
Tell me again
The God-fearing Dil showed the master’s heart
Misery has become easy
For the realization of true happiness in life
Now it is time for me to resolve this issue
(Hafeez Almas, Chakwal)


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