Kinza Hashmi emulates Bobby Deol’s popular dance moves video


The video of prolific actress Kinza Hashmi reenacting Bollywood actor Bobby Deol’s dance steps from the hit song ‘Jamal Kudu‘ from the film ‘Animal‘ has gone viral on social media.

Jamal Kudu‘, one of the tracks in ‘Animal‘, has become a sensation on social media. The peppy entry song of Bobby Deol, aka Abrar Haque, has caught the attention of viewers, prompting the makers to release it separately. Netizens are now reenacting the dance steps of Bobby Deol in their own videos.

A video of Kinza Hashmi dancing to the song has been widely shared on social media platforms.

It is worth noting that ‘Jamal Kudu‘ is a reworked version of a 50-year-old Iranian folk song ‘Jamal Jamaloo‘. The melody is based on the poetry of Bijan Smandar of the same name. It was originally performed by a Shirazi ladies’ musical choir from Kharazemi Ladies’ High School and was a popular choice for weddings and events in the 1950s.

The reworked lyrics of the song go like ‘Jamal Jamalek Jamaloo Jamal Kudu‘, which means ‘Oh my love, my beloved, my sweet love!

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