Karachi: The Mysterious Death of the Girl Who Preferred Marriage


Photo: Express

Karachi: A mysterious incident claimed the life of an 18-year-old girl in her home near the Garden Show Market, according to the police, possibly due to the fact that the girl consumed a poisonous substance.

According to the details, the Gardan police station area near the Show Market found the 18-year-old girl in critical condition in her home, where she died mysteriously. The girl’s body was transferred to the hospital for legal action, where the girl was identified as Tahirim, the daughter of Muhammad Shafiq.

According to SHO Garden Rashed Khan, the girl who died was married to an underage boy a few months ago. He said that the girl who died had applied makeup on the night of Sunday and returned to her house with her husband around half past two.

The husband told the police that on the way we had bought Lassi, which we drank when we entered the house. After that, we fell asleep and an hour later Tahirim’s condition suddenly deteriorated and she started vomiting and having seizures, then at around four o’clock we fell asleep again.

The husband told the police that at seven o’clock in the morning when he woke up, Tahirim also woke up, and Tahirim was the one who removed the clothes from the cupboard to go with them, and when he returned home around nine o’clock, Tahirim was sleeping. When he tried to wake her up, she couldn’t, so he took his wife to the hospital.

SHO Rashed Khan said that there are no signs of violence on Tahirim’s body, it is suspected that Tahirim consumed a poisonous substance. He said that Tahirim’s post-mortem is underway and the final cause of death will be determined in the post-mortem report.

Outside the hospital, Tahirim’s father, Muhammad Shafiq, told the media that Tahirim had married her lover six months ago, and Tahirim went back to her in-laws’ house from her makeup at around one-thirty at night.

He further stated that a phone call came from the in-laws in the morning, that Tahirim had become unconscious, and when he went to the in-laws, he found her in critical condition. He said that Tahirim’s in-laws were not happy with the marriage.

Muhammad Shafiq demanded that the police investigate the incident thoroughly and bring the facts to light.


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