Karachi: Protest in Liaquatabad and Shah Faisal Colony over power outage


Karachi: Despite citizens’ protest demonstrations over the lack of electricity supply and the intense heat, the load shedding of electricity continues unabated.
Due to the sudden heatwave and the lack of electricity, residents of Miran Naka and Shah Faisal Colony had to resort to protests, resulting in traffic chaos in the affected areas and causing severe difficulties for the citizens.
According to the traffic police, on Thursday afternoon, residents of Liaquatabad Miran Naka staged a protest against the lack of electricity and water supply in front of the fan hotel. Upon receiving information about the protest, the traffic police diverted vehicles from Miran Naka chowk towards Marza Adam Khan road and Bakra Pir road, as well as directed the traffic coming from Shah Faisal towards Golbai.
On the other hand, in Thursday evening, residents of Shah Faisal Colony number 2, Reita Plot Bagh Korangi road, also protested against the lack of electricity and water supply. According to the traffic police, upon receiving information about the protest, personnel reached the scene and diverted vehicles from Sangar Chowrangi to Daoud Chowrangi and from Shah Faisal Colony Number 2 towards Azim Porah.
However, due to the protest demonstrations at both locations, traffic flow was severely affected, causing chaos in the traffic system and resulting in long lines of vehicles.
The residents expressed that daily protests are taking place over the lack of electricity in the city, which not only affects peace and security but also severely disrupts traffic, causing difficulties for the general public as they themselves are affected by power outages in their areas.
At this point, the protesters said that in the intense heat, there is neither electricity in their homes nor water available, and they are left wondering who to appeal to for help. Sometimes, electricity is cut off in the name of scheduled load shedding, and other times due to maintenance and cable faults, which the authorities should take strict notice of.


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