Karachi: Daily theft of Lakhon gallons of water caught through tubing in Landhi


In Karachi, a theft of 2 million gallons of water was discovered near Landhi Labor Square. The thieves had dug a 18-foot deep hole and built a pipe to divert water from the RO plant. During a joint operation, Rangers and Water and Sewerage Corporation caught a unique water theft scheme that had been going on for the past 10 years, resulting in billions of rupees worth of stolen water. According to the Managing Director of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, Mr. Salahuddin, a water theft mafia had constructed a 200-foot long and 18-foot deep pipe through which they were stealing 20 lakh gallons of water daily from a 54-inch pipeline connected to Haleji Lake. The water mafia had installed six pipes in this underground structure to systematically steal water from the main pipeline. The stolen water was being diverted to the RO plant, where tanks with a capacity of millions of gallons had also been installed. Mr. Salahuddin stated that they will investigate their officers using satellite imagery and estimate that the stolen water is worth more than 1.5 billion rupees over the past 10 years.


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