Tottenham Fans Express Anger and Disappointment Over Harry Kane’s Departure


The recent sale of Harry Kane, the star and leading goal scorer of Tottenham Hotspur, to Bayern Munich has left fans feeling angry and hurt. The departure of the club’s beloved player has also raised concerns about the team’s ownership, according to the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust (THST).

Kane, who is 30 years old, was officially confirmed as a Bayern Munich player on Saturday after prolonged negotiations between the two clubs. The England captain has signed a four-year contract, with reports suggesting that the transfer fee was approximately 100 million euros, setting a new record for the Bundesliga.

While Kane embarks on a new chapter in his career, the fans of Tottenham Hotspur have expressed their frustration towards club chairman Daniel Levy. Levy has faced growing criticism due to the club’s decline in performance on the field in recent seasons.

The THST released a statement, expressing their disappointment, saying: “This situation should never have occurred. It is a significant moment of realization and a painful reflection of the lack of progress the club has made on the field in the past four years. We have lost an exceptional talent who, based on his own words, wanted to witness the club’s development.”

The THST further criticized the lack of a consistent and effective football strategy from the club’s board, which has resulted in a decline in performance since 2019. This downwards trend ultimately led Kane, a player who embodied the club’s identity, to believe that leaving was his only viable option.

Kane, a product of Tottenham’s youth academy, surpassed Jimmy Greaves’ record as the club’s all-time leading goal scorer last season, with 280 goals in 435 appearances. He is also the second-highest goal scorer in Premier League history, behind Alan Shearer by 47 goals. Additionally, Kane holds the record for the most goals scored by an England player, with 58 goals in 84 appearances.

Despite his individual accomplishments, which include three Premier League Golden Boots, Kane has not won any major trophies during his time at Tottenham. The team’s recent performance has been disappointing, finishing eighth in the Premier League last season and failing to secure a spot in European competitions.

Protests against the club’s board have become a regular occurrence at home games. However, many supporters acknowledge that Levy has delivered one of the best stadiums in the world and a training ground that other clubs envy.

“The board members of the club are temporary custodians. If they do not share the ambition of one of our greatest players, how can fans have confidence in the direction of the club?” the THST stated.

Supporters continue to express their anger and disappointment, feeling that their loyalty is being put to the test. They demand transparency from the club’s board, seeking answers as to who authorized the sale and why it happened just hours before the start of the season.

Levy, in a statement on Tottenham’s website, expressed the club’s efforts to retain Kane. “Throughout an extended period of time, we made numerous attempts to negotiate contract extensions with Harry and his representatives, both short-term and long-term,” Levy said. “However, Harry made it clear that he wanted a fresh challenge and would not sign a new contract this summer.”

While the painful departure of Harry Kane has left Tottenham fans feeling betrayed and disheartened, they remain hopeful that the club’s leadership will provide clarity, regain their trust, and prioritize the promotion of the team’s success.


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