Kam Hui Rupee ki Qadar Dollar ke Muqable mein


Karachi: On the first day of the new business week, the Pakistani rupee weakened against the dollar in the interbank and open currency market. On Monday, the dollar’s price increased by 18 paisa in the interbank market, taking it to 278.12 rupees from 277.94 rupees.
Meanwhile, in the open currency market, the US dollar weakened the Pakistani currency by 29 paisa to reach 279.66 rupees.
The euro’s price decreased by 4.64 rupees to 296.83 rupees after a decrease in the interbank market. Similarly, after a decrease of 4.67 rupees, the British pound remained at 347.17 rupees.
The Saudi riyal increased by 11 paisa to 73.94 rupees, while the UAE dirham increased by 13 paisa to 76.00 rupees.


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