Judge Orders Strict Action Against Use and Sale of Toy Horns in Parts of Karachi’s Malir – Pakistan


A judicial magistrate in Karachi has issued an order to crack down on the use and sale of toy horns in certain areas of the city. The magistrate, Anwer Ali Shah, took notice of the issue after receiving complaints about the noise and disturbance caused by these horns during Independence Day celebrations.

To address this problem, Magistrate Anwer Ali Shah has directed the local police stations, Sachal and Sharafi Goth, to take strict action against those involved in the use and sale of these toy horns. He emphasized that the excessive noise generated by these horns not only causes nuisance to the general public but also affects the well-being of ailing individuals in the area.

Under Section 190(c) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the magistrate is taking cognisance of this matter. He has instructed the station house officers (SHOs) of the mentioned police stations to take immediate and stern action against those using these toy horns in the name of Independence Day celebrations.

The magistrate has urged the police to employ the penal provisions available to them to handle this issue effectively. He also requested them to submit a compliance report to the court without fail, indicating the actions taken against the offenders.

This order comes in response to the growing concern over the disturbance caused by the use of toy horns during public celebrations. The intention behind this directive is to safeguard the well-being of the community and ensure that everyone can enjoy the festivities without causing undue inconvenience.

By taking proactive measures and enforcing the law against the use and sale of these toy horns, the judicial magistrate hopes to maintain peace and serenity in the areas under his jurisdiction. The order also serves as a reminder that while celebrating important occasions, it is essential to consider the impact on others and avoid activities that could cause disturbance or harm.

The local authorities are expected to address this issue promptly and effectively, ensuring that the community can celebrate Independence Day in a peaceful and harmonious manner.


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