Jacqueline Fernandez Receives Major Court Relief in INR200 Crore Extortion Case


Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez has been granted a significant reprieve in the INR200 crore extortion case, as the court has permitted her to travel abroad without prior permission. This ruling by the Patiala House Court in India has relaxed Fernandez’s bail conditions, enabling her to inform the judiciary three days before her departure.

Previously, the actress was required to seek permission from the court each time she wished to leave the country.

The court’s decision to allow her to travel was based on the finding that the celebrity has never misused her parole. It stated, “There has never been any instance of the accused violating any condition of bail.”

It is worth noting that Fernandez frequently travels around the world for professional commitments. The bench recognized that requiring her to seek prior permission to leave the country each time is a burdensome process that could potentially harm her livelihood.

Upon submitting a plea in court for international travel and providing a Fixed Deposit Receipt of INR5 million, her passport will be returned to her. She will then return the passport to the court upon completion of her work abroad.

This court ruling came after Jacqueline Fernandez petitioned for relaxation of her bail conditions, citing the time-consuming nature of obtaining court approval for travel.

In addition, Fernandez and her family allegedly received gifts worth millions, including Persian cats, a horse, diamond jewelry, designer bags from brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton, luxury cars, and monetary payments from conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar.

Furthermore, reports have suggested that Sukesh gave an impressive Ducati bike to the actor’s manager, Prashant, in an attempt to impress Fernandez. Sukesh also allegedly presented a diamond ring from Tiffany engraved with their initials, “J&S,” as a proposal.

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