Israel’s Continued Conflict with Gaza: Recount of Significant Events on Day 194 | Latest Updates on Israel’s Conflict with Gaza


Since Tuesday afternoon, Israeli attacks on homes in Rafah, Maghazi, and Gaza City have resulted in at least 20 fatalities. Additionally, seven law enforcement officials and two bystanders were killed in a separate army attack in Gaza City. Rocket fire from Gaza into southern Israel continues, with two missiles causing no damage or casualties on Tuesday. Overall, 33,843 Palestinians have been killed and 76,575 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7, while 1,139 Israelis have been killed in attacks by Hamas.

Iran has cautioned Israel against retaliation following Tehran’s missile and drone strikes in response to an Israeli bombing of the Iranian embassy in Syria. Israel’s Defense Minister expressed gratitude to Italy for their support. Google employees protesting Project Nimbus surveillance and AI contract with the Israeli army were arrested in California and New York. The UN Security Council will vote on the State of Palestine’s application for full UN membership, as tensions remain high.

In the occupied West Bank, there has been an increase in Israeli military and settler violence against Palestinians, contributing to a larger issue of territorial expansionism since 1967. An Israeli military bulldozer was involved in an explosion in Tubas during ongoing raids in the West Bank. Columbia University’s president is set to testify before a congressional committee regarding conflicts on campus related to Israel’s actions in Gaza.


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