Israeli tanks reenter northern Gaza as warplanes strike Rafah | Update on Gaza incursion


Israeli tanks have re-entered parts of the northern Gaza Strip that they had left weeks ago, while warplanes have carried out air raids on Rafah where over one million displaced Palestinians have sought refuge in the south of the territory, resulting in casualties.
Residents in Beit Hanoon and Jabalia in northern Gaza reported an internet outage on Tuesday. Tanks were seen advancing into Beit Hanoon, surrounding schools where displaced families had taken shelter, according to residents.
Occupation soldiers instructed families in the schools and nearby houses where tanks had advanced to evacuate, detaining many men, as reported by a resident via a chat app to Reuters.
Beit Hanoon, once famous for its orchards, was heavily bombed during Israel’s ground offensive in Gaza last October, leaving much of the area in ruins.
Families who had recently returned to Beit Hanoon and Jabalia after Israeli forces withdrew, began leaving once again due to the latest raid, according to some residents.
In Rafah, Palestinian health officials confirmed that Israel’s attack resulted in four deaths and multiple injuries, adding to the distress of the over half of Gaza’s population seeking shelter in the city. An Israeli ground offensive into Rafah, which shares a border with Egypt, is anticipated.
Despite ongoing US-backed talks facilitated by Qatar and Egypt to establish a ceasefire deal in Gaza, no progress has been made as Israel and Hamas remain firm in their opposing stances.


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