Israeli army digs up graves of 2,000 Palestinians in search for their missing soldiers


The Israeli army bulldozed Palestinian graves and threw bodies outside, photos: file

Gaza: In Gaza, Israel has destroyed more than 2,000 graves, most of which are also missing bodies.

According to international news agencies, those killed by Israeli militants in Gaza are also not safe. Israeli troops destroyed the cemetery and buried some bodies. Already, there is no safe ground left in Gaza due to Israeli shelling, and Palestinians are forced to bury their loved ones in the surrounding schools and hospitals.

Israeli soldiers also did not let Palestinian men stay in their graves and destroyed more than 2,000 graves, leaving some bodies on the ground and taking some with them.

A photographer shared images of shrouded bodies taken out of Palestinians’ graves in the Al-Atfah district of Gaza city. Israeli troops operated bulldozers on these graves.

The Israeli army did not immediately comment on bulldozing cemeteries, but in response to the search for graves, they said that bodies had been removed from some graves at some places where Israeli mourners were buried.

The Israeli army said that if a mourners’ body is found in a grave, the bodies are returned to the family with full respect and honor.

Remember that after the attack on Israel on October 7, Hamas declared nearly 250 people as mourners, of which 136 are still in Hamas custody, but nearly 10 mourners have died in their own army’s shelling.


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