Israel threatens to attack Gaza’s Rafah – What’s happening in the midst of the conflict?


Headlines highlight the looming Israeli ground “operation” in Rafah and its impact on over a million trapped civilians. Rafah straddles the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, with approximately 1.4 million Palestinians pushed into the city by relentless Israeli bombing. Tel Aviv claims the presence of Hamas brigades in Rafah, justifying ongoing attacks and a planned land assault. Egypt has positioned tanks and armoured personnel carriers at the Gaza border to prevent potential spillover. However, Palestinians do not want to leave Gaza due to historical displacement and the Right of Return demand. Despite the dire conditions in Rafah, they are determined to stay. The overcrowded city has resulted in the spread of diseases and aid is being halted by Israel. Israel’s declared aims of returning captives and eradicating Hamas have led to a complete siege on Gaza, targeting civilians and hospitals. The US, UK, and EU have criticized Israel, but its Prime Minister remains determined to carry out the operation to “dismantle Hamas.”


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