Israel-Palestine Conflict: Russia Condemns Israeli Bombardment of Gaza as Violating International Law


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has criticized Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, stating that it goes against international law and could lead to a long-lasting catastrophe. In an interview with Belta, Lavrov condemned Israel’s response to terrorism, stating that it violates humanitarian laws and endangers civilians, including hostages. He emphasized that destroying Hamas would also lead to the destruction of Gaza and the displacement of its civilian population, which would be devastating for decades to come. Lavrov called for a humanitarian truce to provide aid to civilians and urged Israel to announce humanitarian programs to help the population under blockade. Additionally, it was reported that Hamas is currently trying to locate and free eight Russian-Israeli dual citizens who were taken hostage during their attack on Israel. Russia has provided a list of names and requested their release. While Israel has criticized Russia’s decision to invite Hamas representatives to Moscow, Lavrov assured that Russia is in close contact with Israel and is urging for a peaceful solution to the conflict.


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