Israel-Palestine Conflict: Israel to Allow Only Two Trucks of Fuel into Gaza Daily


Israel has decided to allow two trucks of fuel to enter Gaza every day in order to prevent the spread of diseases that would harm civilians and their own troops. The decision comes after a special request from the United States and aims to keep the enclave’s water and sewage system operational during the ongoing air and ground siege.

The fuel, which will be used to operate UNRWA’s sewage and water systems, as well as for other critical needs such as desalinisation of water, sewage pumping, and powering generators for telecommunications and hospitals, will be distributed under the agreement.

US officials have been urging Israel to allow fuel into Gaza for some time, and Israel’s decision is seen as a diplomatic move to ease international criticism of its military offensive. However, the decision is unpopular among some Israeli far-right groups who argue that the fuel should not be given until Hamas releases hostages.

Despite the concerns and criticisms, Israel appears to be aware of the pressure from the international community and its allies, and it seems to be taking steps towards ending the military offensive in Gaza.


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