Iraq warns that strikes could bring an end to the US-led mission


Iraq strongly condemns the recent US air strike that resulted in the killing of a senior commander from a pro-Iran armed group. This attack comes in the wake of several strikes on Iran-linked targets in Iraq and Syria, as well as the killing of three American troops in Jordan on Jan 28. The US Central Command (CENTCOM) stated that the strike was in response to attacks on US service members and targeted a Kataeb Hezbollah commander responsible for planning and participating in attacks on US forces.

The Iraqi government has criticized the strike as a “blatant assassination” in a residential area of Baghdad, and the international coalition’s actions have been described as overstepping the reasons for their presence in the country. The strike has sparked condemnation and promises of retaliation from pro-Iran factions in Iraq, including the Hashed al-Shaabi coalition.

Iran has also condemned the strike, with a spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs calling it an act of “adventurism” that threatens regional and international peace and stability. The ongoing attacks on US and allied troops in the region have further heightened tensions in the Middle East.


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