Iran refuses to join the war against Israel with Hamas


Ayatollah Khamenei met with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, photo: File
Tehran: Iran’s spiritual leader Ayatollah Khamenei, in a meeting, advised Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh against fighting with Israel in the October 7 attack, as they were not informed in advance.
According to Al Arabiya News, Hamas senior officials, on condition of anonymity, revealed that the meeting between Supreme Leader Khamenei and Hamas leader took place at the beginning of last month.
Officials further stated that Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei advised Ismail Haniyeh against getting involved in the war with Israel, stating that they were not informed prior to the attack and thus should not participate in the war.
Neither Iran nor Hamas spokesmen have confirmed or denied the meeting and the conversation between Ayatollah Khamenei and Ismail Haniyeh.
It should be noted that Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, killing 1,400 soldiers and civilians, while capturing about 250 Israeli soldiers and citizens, taking them to Gaza.
Iran initially joined in congratulating the attack and provided assistance through its affiliated military group, Hezbollah, in Lebanon.
Hezbollah did carry out a few operations but did not witness any major activity thereafter. The responsibility for the Hamas attack was also indirectly attributed to Israel and some major powers managed to stall Iran.
In response to Hamas’ attack on October 7, Israeli forces continued bombing Gaza and their ground forces entered the area as well.
The number of Palestinians killed in Israeli bombing exceeded 12,000, with more than 25,000 wounded. Half of the martyrs and the wounded are children and women.


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