Iran attacked Israel with scores of drones and ballistic missiles fired.


The Israeli military has confirmed a direct attack from Iran. Photo: AFP

Tehran/Karachi: Iran has launched multiple drones and ballistic missiles on Israel, according to Arab media reports. In response to an Israeli attack on Iranian installations in Damascus, Iran has reportedly fired nearly 100 drones and ballistic missiles at Israel. Iranian Revolutionary Guards have officially confirmed the attack on Israel.

On the other hand, the Israeli military has confirmed a direct attack from Iran, with many drones and ballistic missiles departing from Iran and heading towards Israel. According to media reports, Iran has also warned neighboring countries that if Israel intercepts the drones and missiles, they will also be targeted.

According to a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces, Iran sent planes towards Israeli territory without pilots, but it took several hours for the aircraft to reach Israel. Several cities have been placed on emergency alert, but efforts are being made to intercept the drones and missiles before they reach Israeli territory.

Furthermore, an Israeli channel has claimed that Israel targeted and destroyed several Iranian drones in Syria and Jordan. In addition, US President Joe Biden, after canceling his vacation and arriving at the White House, received a briefing on the Iranian attack at a meeting of national security advisors.

The US President stated that there are thousands of Americans in Israel, and the US remains committed to Israel’s defense, providing military assistance. He also stated that Iran will not succeed. It is noteworthy that due to all Iranian attacks, neighboring countries have announced the closure of their airspace.


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