International Women’s Day (Blog for Friday)


Women’s full participation in the national mainstream is the secret to the development of society. We often hear claims about empowering women, but the reality is quite the opposite.

Even in the 21st century, we are lagging behind when it comes to women’s progress. The fundamental reason is that we have only focused on empty promises and never really thought about empowering women from the heart.

Today, women are undoubtedly showcasing their abilities in every field, but women’s progress is still being hindered by discrimination. Every individual is still fighting for their survival, but it is not wrong to say that women are putting in multiple times more effort to assert themselves and prove their worth against men.

Every woman faces a new challenge every day. If she is a daughter, wife, or sister, she is burdened with one-sided responsibilities. Whether a woman is a homemaker or a working professional, she is constantly facing a new battle.

Promoting progress in employment by linking it to a woman’s personality or beauty has become a prevalent tactic. Character assassination, sexual harassment, and online bullying have become the weapons of choice in today’s world. While I am not speaking for all individuals, a majority of our society still does not consider women equal to men, let alone as humans.

The question arises, does celebrating International Women’s Day ensure that all their rights are fulfilled? Absolutely not! Every day belongs to a woman. It is the day of a mother who works tirelessly all day, taking care of her children. It is the day of a sister who steps out with dignity whenever she does. It is the day of a wife who balances household chores and a job, driving the engine of her husband’s life.

According to Pakistan’s inheritance laws, widows and unmarried women are entitled to half of the property. However, the presence of laws does not guarantee their application. In today’s civilized society, mothers still consider their sons as their heirs, ingrained from the beginning that they belong to their husbands’ house. In a way, they are also taught that they are like guests in their own home, and not to expect anything concerning their share.

Women in Pakistan, regardless of whether they are married or not, inherit half of the property in the presence of brothers. Similarly, if a widow remarries after her husband’s death, she also becomes the owner of the property with no possibility of return. Both unmarried and widowed women can also sell inherited property.

Despite all this, women continue to run in circles of courts and police stations, with no relief in sight.

According to a report by the Human Rights Commission, a rape case is reported every two hours in Pakistan, while a case of social violence occurs every eight hours. So, if we talk about the Women’s March, it can be said without hesitation that instead of bringing women’s rights to the forefront, the Women’s March has diverted attention from women’s real issues. The slogans of misguided liberal feminism in the Women’s March have not only failed to deliver women’s rights but have also given birth to meaningless and reprehensible issues.

While some women count playing cards on the streets, ninety percent of women do not represent women, and nor do ninety percent of women know that these issues are their own.

Women’s issues include illiteracy, unemployment, exploitation, deprivation of land rights, early marriage, and forced marriage. However, these issues are nowhere to be found under the banners of the Women’s March.

What is the benefit of this day’s drama? Our dramas often portray the exploitation of women. Divorce, slaps, and extramarital relationships are the recurring themes in our dramas. The question also arises, what are our ninety percent women who are watching these dramas learning? Have these dramas highlighted the real issues of women? Certainly not.

Who is responsible for all this situation? The answer is me, you, and all of us. Because together we are building this society. Whether we are writers or poets, doctors or engineers, teachers, or by default, our every action directly affects this society. If we want to empower our women, then first and foremost, we must educate and nurture a woman as a mother to raise a son. Through the best household training, we can achieve the heights of progress.


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