‘Indonesian Medics Rally for Gaza, Calling for an End to Genocide’ – Coverage of Israel-Palestine Conflict in News


In Jakarta, Indonesian medics held a communal prayer event to demand a ceasefire and an end to the “genocide” in Gaza, where the Indonesia Hospital has been forced to stop operations. The event included staff from various medical associations and was organized by the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C). They called on Indonesia’s government to engage in firm diplomacy to pressure Israel to stop its aggression in Gaza.

Severe Israeli attacks near the Indonesian Hospital were reported, with journalist Hussam Shabbat describing the bombing as “15 minutes of hell.” Dr. Zecky Eko Triwahyudi, an orthopaedics and traumatology doctor, attended the prayer event in Jakarta and expressed his support for the people of Gaza, emphasizing the urgency of a humanitarian response.

The Indonesian government faces diplomatic challenges as it moves closer to the United States, Israel’s staunch ally. President Joko Widodo pressed US President Joe Biden to do more to end the “atrocities” in Gaza, and they agreed to elevate diplomatic relations to a “comprehensive strategic partnership.” Indonesian health workers expressed concern over the fatal consequences of the Indonesian Hospital’s cessation of operations, as it was the last provider of medical services in Gaza. They called for a more robust response from Indonesia to pressure Israel and encourage a ceasefire.


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