Indian Farmers March to New Delhi with Tight Security and Barricades | Protests News


In an effort to prevent thousands of protesting farmers from marching towards New Delhi to demand assured crop prices, Indian authorities have deployed heavy security measures. This echoes the 2021 protests when farmers camped on the capital’s outskirts for over a year. Police have sealed multiple entry points into New Delhi with barriers of barbed wire, spikes, and cement blocks, while large gatherings in the capital are banned and internet services have been suspended in some districts of Haryana.
These renewed protests come after Prime Minister Narendra Modi withdrew controversial agriculture laws that sparked massive demonstrations. Farmers, marching from the states of Haryana and Punjab, are demanding a guaranteed minimum support price for all farm produce and urging the government to fulfill its promise to double their income.
The withdrawal of the agricultural laws was considered a significant retreat by the Modi government, with promises to set up a panel to ensure support prices for all farm produce. However, little progress has been made in multiple meetings since then.
The upcoming national elections in India, in which Modi is expected to win a third term, loom near as farmers form a powerful voting bloc. In addition to the protests, some farmer and trade unions have announced a countrywide rural strike on Friday.


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