Concerns Over Privacy Violation in Imran Khan’s Prison Cell in Attock Jail


The lack of privacy around the toilet facilities in PTI chief Imran Khan’s prison cell in Attock Jail is a “genuine” concern and a violation of prison rules, according to Additional District and Sessions Judge Shafqut Ullah Khan. Imran Khan is currently serving a three-year sentence for corrupt practices in the Toshakhana case.

During a routine inspection of the prison facilities, the judge visited Imran’s cell. Imran expressed his concerns about a CCTV camera that covers the open bathroom-cum-latrine in his cell, leaving him with no privacy. The judge noted in his report that Imran’s concern is genuine and a violation of prison rules. The superintendent of police has assured the judge that the matter will be addressed and Imran will be granted access to his wife and lawyers as per the rules.

The PTI party has claimed that Imran is being kept in distressing conditions and is not given the basic facilities entitled to him. Last week, Imran’s wife also voiced concerns about the possibility of her husband being poisoned during his incarceration at District Jail Attock.

In response to the report, the Punjab Prisons Department clarified that Imran has been provided with all the necessary facilities in accordance with prison rules, including a new toilet with high walls, various fittings and toiletries, and access to his family and lawyers. The department also mentioned the special medical facilities provided to Imran and the installation of CCTV cameras for security purposes.

Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfaraz Bugti assured that Imran will be provided with the facilities he deserves as an ex-prime minister according to the law, and any issues raised in the inspection report will be addressed accordingly.


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