Imran writes to Chief Justice Isa requesting protection for PTI’s fundamental rights in Pakistan


Imprisoned PTI Chairman Imran Khan sent a letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qazi Faez Esa, asking for the protection of the party’s fundamental rights. The PTI believes it is being hindered from conducting political activities leading up to the general election, with many of its leaders arrested following violence on May 9. President Arif Alvi also expressed concerns about the erosion of fundamental rights for political parties in a previous letter to interim Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar.
Imran emphasized that the power to prosecute and arrest was being used to manipulate the country’s political environment, targeting PTI members through multiple criminal cases. He highlighted the “fresh wave of state oppression” against the party, with undisclosed FIRs and police reports being kept “in reserve” to re-arrest any bailed-out person affiliated with PTI.
Imran called for the Supreme Court to intervene and halt the widespread arrests and abductions of party members, as well as ensuring fair and free general elections. He also urged the court to issue orders for halting the practice of successive arrests of persons granted bail and to set up a commission to probe the disappearances of journalists and political workers. Additionally, he asked for the assurance that PTI would be allowed to carry out political meetings and gatherings without discrimination, and requested fair media coverage for PTI leaders.


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