I Want to Apologize for Being Violent, Rahat Fateh Ali Seeks Forgiveness


Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, a renowned Pakistani singer and qawwal, has apologized for the violence against his employee. He released a video message on the social networking site Facebook, admitting to the mistake of assaulting his employee and asking for forgiveness. He stated that he first seeks forgiveness from his Lord, then from his family, friends, loved ones, and fans, as they have been hurt by his behavior. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan claimed that the video, which went viral on social media three days ago, is nine months old and was shared deliberately by his opponents after a recent press conference. He expressed remorse for his actions and emphasized that he should not have behaved in such a manner as a human, and especially as an artist. He acknowledged that people are boycotting him not because they love him, but because they do not expect this kind of behavior from him. He also sought forgiveness from his fellow artists and people associated with the music industry.


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