Houthi rebels in Yemen capture cargo ship in the Red Sea, Israel accuses Iran | Latest on Israel-Palestine conflict


A spokesperson for the Houthi group has claimed that their fighters have taken control of a ship in the southern Red Sea, reportedly owned by an Israeli businessman. The ship, known as the Galaxy Leader, was en route from Turkey to India and had at least 22 people onboard. The Houthi military spokesman stated that the crew is being treated according to Islamic principles, and warned that any ship belonging to Israel or its supporters will be considered a legitimate target. The spokesman also mentioned that military operations against Israel will continue until the aggression against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank ceases. The Israeli government has called the hijacking a “very serious event on a global level” and described it as an “Iranian act of terrorism.” Israel’s prime minister’s office and military have denied any involvement in the ship, stating that it is not an Israeli vessel and there were no Israelis on board. The United States has stated that they are closely monitoring the situation. The hijacking comes amidst heightened tensions in the region as a result of the conflict in Gaza, with the potential for a wider regional conflict looming.


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