Historic Momentum in Pakistan Stock Exchange as Index Reaches Highest Level Yet


Karachi: The Pakistan Stock Exchange saw a historic surge in the index, resulting in it crossing its highest level. On Wednesday, PSX witnessed a rise of 834 points, leading the KSE 100 index to cross its highest level in history. The KSE 100 index reached its highest level at 67,720 points in the Pakistan Stock Exchange.
It is important to note that last week on March 28, there was also a surge of 617 points in the Pakistan Stock Exchange, which resulted in the index crossing 67,000 points for the first time in the country’s history, with the KSE 100 index reaching 67,165 points.
Following this, on March 29, after fluctuations in the Pakistan Stock Exchange, there was a severe downturn and the sequence of new records of highs that had been set for 4 days came to an end. Due to the severe downturn, the prices of 55% of shares fell, resulting in investors losing 17 billion 66 crore 58 lakh 52 thousand 175 rupees.


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