High Level Flood of 136,000 Cusecs Water Passing Through Sulemanki Headworks in Pakistan


The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has reported that a high-level flood with approximately 136,000 cusecs of water is passing through Sulemanki Headworks on the River Sutlej in Punjab’s Okara district. This is significantly higher than the normal flood level of 50,000 cusecs at Sulemanki Head.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) had previously issued a warning of a medium to high flood in the River Ravi, following the release of 171,797 cusecs water from India. As a result, all concerned departments were alerted to take precautionary measures to protect lives and minimize damage to private and public property.

The PDMA has emphasized that monsoon rains are expected to continue until August 27, with the possibility of further rains in the upper regions of major rivers. The River Sutlej continues to flood, and there is a possibility of the water level rising further.

“There is a moderate flood at Ganda Singh, with approximately 115,000 cusecs of water passing through,” stated the PDMA. “Similarly, there is a moderate flood at Islam Headworks, with an inflow of 94,223 and outflow of 93,123.”

In addition to the increased water level at Sulemanki Headworks, Rasool Barrage in the Jhelum River has also recorded a rise in water level. However, the flow of water in other rivers of Punjab remains normal, with only a low-level flood at Tarbela in the Indus River. Mangala and Tarbela dams are currently 100% full.

Imran Qureshi, Director General of the PDMA, stated that the administration is on high alert and taking steps to inform the public about any emergency situation that may arise. Awareness campaigns are being conducted through various channels, including social media, TV, newspapers, and announcements in mosques.

In the meantime, the PDMA and Pakistan Meteorological Department have warned that the water level in the Sutlej River may rise further in the next 24 hours due to rains in the upper catchment areas.

According to official data, rescue teams have already evacuated 81,136 people and transported 148,284 to safe locations in the flood-hit districts of the province from July 9 to August 23. Unfortunately, 16 people have lost their lives and 36 have been injured in riverine areas due to the high flood.


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