Has the war in Ukraine reached a stalemate? Assessing the Russia-Ukraine conflict


The impact of Western sanctions on Russia’s economy has been minimal, while growing political divisions in the US are causing concern in Kyiv. Many experts believe that the conflict in Ukraine has reached a stalemate, despite ongoing foreign aid. Ukraine’s recent military efforts have yielded little progress, and bipartisan support in the US is waning, potentially jeopardizing future funding. Meanwhile, Russia has managed to withstand economic damage from sanctions, despite facing significant military casualties. The uncertainty of the 2024 US presidential election adds further political complexity to the situation. The question remains: what will unfold militarily and politically in 2024, and will it be a decisive year in this ongoing conflict? Presenter Elizabeth Puranam discusses these issues with guests Pavel Felgenhauer, Michael Bociurkiw, and Chris Weafer, who provide insights on the military and political dynamics in the region.


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