Haniya Aamir Threatens Her Friends


Hania Aamir, a well-known actress in the Pakistani film and drama industry, gave a threat to her friends before the global day of love, Valentine’s Day. Hania Aamir shared her video on the social media site Instagram, in which she threatened her friends, saying, “If any of my friends share a picture of flowers on social media on 14th February, which is the day of love, I will unfollow them.” The actress did not make it clear in her video why she would unfollow her friends who share pictures of flowers, but social media users say that Hania Aamir is single and seeing pictures of flowers might make her feel left out.

This video of Hania Aamir is quickly going viral on social media, where the actress is also being heavily criticized by users. Users said that they thought Hania Aamir would talk about the election, but she seems to be more concerned about Pakistan’s future. Users also said that Hania Aamir seems to be getting jealous because she always tries to interfere in every matter.


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