Hamadur Rahman Commission Report: PTI to Challenge FIA Notes in Court Announcement


Islamabad: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has announced that they will raise the issue of the FIA notice in Parliament and challenge it in court regarding the Hamoodur Rahman Commission report.
The FIA had issued a notice regarding a video posted on the social media account of the founder Chairman of the PTI, based on the contents of the Hamoodur Rahman Commission report.
The Central Secretary General of the PTI, Omar Ayub Khan, has also requested a copy of the Hamoodur Rahman Commission report from the FIA. The response to the notice has been sent in writing, facilitated by Dr. Babar Awan.
Omar Ayub’s lawyers have responded to the FIA notice, stating that the notice sent to their client contained ambiguous, suspicious, and illegal questions. The notice is related to the events stemming from the fall of Dhaka, which led to the establishment of the commission by the Pakistani government.
In the written response, it is stated that the commission’s interim report was submitted in 1972, while the final report was compiled in 1974, which was neither rejected nor its contents challenged. The commission also included statements by General Yahya Khan and General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi in their final report. The Hamoodur Rahman Commission report is present in the Cabinet Division.
In his response, Omar Ayub wrote that the FIA is neither a department of historians nor a body superior to the Supreme Court or High Courts. The sole purpose of the FIA in issuing this notice is to target the nation’s most popular political leader, Imran Khan, and the Secretary General of his party, Omar Ayub. FIA should provide a copy of the Hamoodur Rahman Commission report for the preparation of a response.
Omar Ayub will utilize his right to raise the issue of the propaganda spread against him through this notice by the FIA in Parliament and challenge it in court.


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