Gwadar declared a disaster area, emergency declared following severe damage from heavy rains in Pakistan


The government of Balochistan has declared an emergency in Gwadar and labeled it as calamity-hit following heavy rains that have caused widespread destruction in the city. Normal life and traffic have come to a standstill in Gwadar, as well as other parts of Balochistan, due to 30 hours of continuous rainfall resulting in flash floods and widespread waterlogging.

Gwadar received approximately 180 millimetres of rainfall over the past two days, displacing hundreds of residents and causing significant damage to homes and infrastructure. In response, the Balochistan government has decided to declare Gwadar as calamity-hit and impose an emergency, with relief and rescue operations being carried out by various authorities including the army, navy, and disaster management agencies.

Despite the extensive damage caused by the heavy rains, no loss of life has been reported so far. The government is working to assess the full extent of the damage and provide necessary assistance to those affected. Schools across the province will remain closed due to the inclement weather, with more rains expected in the coming days.

The situation in Gwadar remains critical, with the government urging for immediate resources to be allocated for relief efforts and infrastructure development to prevent such disasters in the future. The Pakistan Meteorological Department has warned of more heavy rainfall in the region, cautioning residents and authorities to remain vigilant.


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