Greta Gerwig, ‘Barbie’ director, speaks out about being snubbed


Director Greta Gerwig Reacts to Oscars Snub for ‘Barbie’

After the announcement of the Oscar nominations for 2024, there was a social media uproar over some major surprises and snubs. Among those snubbed were actor-producer Margot Robbie and director Greta Gerwig for their work on ‘Barbie’.

In a recent interview with an American magazine, Gerwig addressed the snub, expressing her desire for Robbie to be nominated but also expressing her happiness that they will all be able to attend the event together.

Although Gerwig did receive a nomination in the Best Adapted Screenplay category, Robbie was nominated as a co-producer of Best Picture.

She also shared a funny anecdote about a friend’s mom congratulating her on the nomination, to which Gerwig had to remind her that she did, in fact, receive an Oscar nomination.

‘Barbie’ received a total of eight nominations, including one for Ryan Gosling as Ken in the best supporting actor category, and America Ferrera for the Best Supporting Actress award.

The Oscars 2024 red carpet event is scheduled for March 11 at Dolby Theatres in Los Angeles.

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