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If the government had focused on running public schools for education, they would have been providing the best education today. Our governments also entrusted capable individuals who, instead of reforming any institution, consider shutting it down as a solution. Every government aims to go beyond its mandate and disrupt the peace of the elders in Punjab. In this series, the first target is the education department, which is being scrutinized by the affluent class. Education is the jewel of any nation, and for private institutions, it is a golden jewel. Unfortunately, for government institutions, it has become a burden.

The Education Department’s laws and regulations are equally applied to private and government institutions, but the enforcement is only done in government institutions, and that too not for the betterment of education providers or students, but to discourage them and keep students away from education. Government educational institutions are seen as a symbol of government hatred and revenge, while private institutions are showered with love, so that they rise above and the government institutions are defamed. Where once the rich and poor studied together in government institutions, now not only the poor but extremely poor people’s children study there. Government policies have also played a role in pushing the middle class back. By providing free books, the self-esteem of the middle class has been attacked, forcing them to enroll their children in schools where fees are obligatory, regardless of the education process.

If the government had focused on running government institutions for education, they would have been providing the best education today. Since the Education Department has been transformed into an experimental ground, private schools are flourishing like mushrooms. Currently, in Punjab, there are over 700 government colleges, while there were 2,515 private colleges by August 12, 2023. There are over sixty thousand private schools across the province, while the number of government schools is 52,231. The number of private schools was just a drop in the bucket before these experimental policies were implemented.

Government schools and colleges have been turned into a place of experimentation. Government teachers have been led to believe that their performance will be judged, the number of their absences will be recorded, and even someone who is a little late will be humiliated in front of everybody. The children should not be treated harshly or spoken to in harsh words, but only one thing should be expected, a hundred percent result. No names should be struck off, no absences should be marked, no admissions should be stopped, but one hundred percent result is necessary, otherwise there will be humiliation in front of everyone. And there are hundreds of teachers who are bearing these unjust hardships and humiliations.

The purpose of taking such steps was not to improve education, but to make a teacher a character of hatred, to present them as incompetent and to prove government schools to be useless. Despite all the efforts, the government could not succeed in doing so. It begs the question, where are the teachers who are failing to establish a standard of education, who are educating children for free of cost? There are many objections raised based on which schools are being ridiculed, and schools are being outsourced to foreign NGOs. In this context, there are some questions that demand attention from competent individuals.

Are the people satisfied with the functioning of the police department?
Are the people satisfied with the health department?
Are the people satisfied with the functioning of the revenue department?
Are the people satisfied with the functioning of the finance department?
And are the people satisfied with the law enforcement department?
If not, are these burdening the people’s pockets as well?

The first and last corruption of a teacher who is becoming an incidentally created master is to not stop him from teaching in a better way for a minor exchange than to earn lawful income (some teachers may be selected from a few teachers who are associated with the same class, when many works are being done for free, which is not related to their job). But are politicians, judges, lawyers, record keepers, and other employees being just with their field? You have the open challenge to audit any other employee in comparison to teachers and after investigating the assets only tell how much income is legal for the teacher and how much is for other employees.

The ones in power showed the deteriorating state of government schools, but are all ministries under the angels’ supervision? Why don’t the Ministry of Finance revenue’s accountants also appear who do not hesitate to convert a poor person’s money into a piece of paper? O masters of authority, if nothing else, sometimes interrogate the revenue agent of the finance department, who flickers a poor person’s accumulated money without hesitation.

A coincidently making teacher also tries to conduct his duty by thinking of providing rightful income, that he is affiliated with a prophetic profession and will have to answer for it in judgment day. Your child can study in city schools and beacon house schools, but where does everyone bring the same fate as your children? If you have the address of such a shop, please let us know, otherwise, as it is, a lollipop or a lame, let the education system keep going. The master of the sixteenth scale is not saying that they should also be given an additional allowance of 65,000 rupees like the stenographer of the sixteenth scale in the judiciary or 17 scale teachers. Also, the eighteen-scale teachers are not demanding that they be given a 4-kanal government house and a worth 1.5 crore car. The nineteenth and twentieth scale teachers are also not saying that they should be granted unlimited benefits on retirement, free electricity, petrol, and a servant. They are just saying that the terms and conditions that they agreed to when they accepted the job should not be changed. Instead of a very ordinary compensation, don’t snatch the entire life of the profession from those who give this profession in the last stage of their life.
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