Google Honors Pakistan Independence Day with Doodle


Google celebrates Pakistan Independence Day with a special doodle featuring the Indus River dolphin, a unique toothed whale species endemic to Pakistan.

Today, Google commemorates the annual event, Pakistan Independence Day 2023. It marks the country’s independence from British occupation in 1947 after nearly two centuries.

The Pakistan Movement, initiated by the All-India Muslim League under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, advocated for a separate nation-state for Muslim Indians following the Indian Independence Act of 1947.

On this day, Pakistani citizens proudly display their national flag and sing the national anthem. The main celebrations take place in Islamabad, where the president and prime minister deliver inspiring speeches, highlighting national heroes, recent accomplishments, and future goals. Government buildings such as the Parliament House, Supreme Court, and the President’s House are adorned with vibrant lights and decorations. Firework displays, rallies, and musical concerts are also organized for the public’s enjoyment.

The Google Doodle captures the essence of Pakistan’s rich biodiversity by featuring the Indus River dolphin. This endangered species, locally known as bhulan in Urdu and Sindhi, delights observers along the coasts of Pakistan.


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