Gal Gadot Reacts to Margot Robbie Choosing Her for ‘Barbie’ Role


‘Barbie’ fever has taken the world by storm with Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the iconic Mattel doll. But, it turns out that Robbie initially wanted Gal Gadot to play the beloved character.

In an interview, Gal Gadot spoke about being Margot Robbie’s first choice to portray ‘Barbie’ in the highly successful film. The ‘Heart of Stone’ star described Robbie as funny, fun, and someone who can be adored.

“I absolutely adore Margot,” Gadot said. “Margot is one of those women that you just want to be friends with. She is incredibly funny, warm, fun, smart, and, of course, amazingly talented. She brings so much to the table.”

“I would love to work with Margot on any project, and I was deeply touched by her comments about me. It warmed my heart. I’m super excited for them and for the ‘Barbie’ film,” she added.

Interestingly, Margot Robbie and the ‘Barbie’ producers were on the lookout for an actress who could match Gal Gadot’s stunning looks.

Robbie mentioned in an interview that Gadot gives off ‘Barbie’ vibes because of her “impossibly beautiful” appearance.

Gal Gadot is currently starring in ‘Heart of Stone,’ which is available for streaming on Netflix.

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“Gal Gadot embodies the energy of Barbie,” Robbie said. “She is impossibly beautiful, but you don’t hate her for it because she is genuinely sincere and enthusiastically kind, almost in a dorky way. It’s like she’s right before being a dork.”


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